Come see our work at ICRA 2024!

Come and see our presentations at ICRA 2024 in Yokohama, Japan! (May 13 – 17, 2024)

  • Tuesday May 14, 2024 (1330 – 1500), Fernando Cladera is presenting “Enabling Large-scale Heterogeneous Collaboration with Opportunistic Communications” Session: Multi Robot Systems II
  • Fernando Cladera is co-author to “TreeScope: An Agricultural Robotics Dataset for LiDAR-Based Mapping of Trees in Forests and Orchards”

ScalAR Lab at the Roxborough Public Library

Our miniature Autonomous Surface Vehicles (mASVs) were successfully taken on the road to the Roxborough Public Library. Wanying Long, Eric Sigg, Victoria Edwards, and Dr. Thales C. Silva shared with the local community all the steps necessary for building an mASV. At the end, participants were able to test drive the mASVs. Below are project leads Wanying Long and Eric Sigg interacting with students and a group shot of the mASV team.

Come see our work at IROS 2023!

Come and see our presentations at IROS 2023 next week in Detroit, MI (Oct 1 – Oct 5)!

  • Monday Oct 2, 2023 (0842-0848 )Ariella Mansfield is presenting “Energy-Efficient Team Orienteering Problem in the Presence of Time-Varying Ocean Currents”, Room 142ABC, Session: Motion and Path Planning I . Poster session: 10/2/2023, Hall E, Track 09 (1000 – 1130).
  • Wednesday Oct 4, 2023 (0836 – 0842): KongYao Chee is presenting “Enhancing Sample Efficiency and Uncertainty Compensation in Learning-Based Model Predictive Control for Aerial Robots”, Room 330B, Session: Model Learning. Poster session: 10/4/23, Hall E, Track 17 (1000 – 1130).
  • Wednesday Oct 4, 2023 (1506-1512): Victoria Edwards is presenting “On Collaborative Robot Teams for Environmental Monitoring: A Macroscopic Ensemble Approach”, Room 321, Session: Multi Robot and Distributed Robot Systems II . Poster session: 10/4/23, Hall E Track 15 (1530 – 1700).
  • Thursday Oct 5, 2023 (0830 – 1730) Victoria Edwards, Thales Costa Silva and Ani Hiseh from UPenn in collaboration with Bert Tanner and Kleio Baxevani from UDel are hosting the workshop: ” Robotics for the Blue Economy and Climate Resiliency”.  Join us for exciting speakers, poster presentations, networking events, and much more! Further information about the workshop can be found here. Room 258

M3ED: Multi-Robot, Multi-Sensor, Multi-Environment Event Dataset

Kenneth Chaney, Fernando Cladera, Ziyun Wang, Anthony Bisulco, M. Ani Hsieh, Christopher Korpela, Vijay Kumar, Camillo J. Taylor, and Kostas Daniilidis

Abstract: We present M3ED, the first multi-sensor event camera dataset focused on high-speed dynamic motions in robotics applications. M3ED provides high-quality synchronized and labeled data from multiple platforms, including ground vehicles, legged robots, and aerial robots, operating in challenging conditions such as driving along off-road trails, navigating through dense forests, and performing aggressive flight maneuvers. Our dataset also covers demanding operational scenarios for event cameras, such as scenes with high egomotion and multiple independently moving objects. The sensor suite used to collect M3ED includes highresolution stereo event cameras (1280×720), grayscale imagers, an RGB imager, a high-quality IMU, a 64-beam LiDAR, and RTK localization. This dataset aims to accelerate the development of event-based algorithms and methods for edge cases encountered by autonomous systems in dynamic environments.

The dataset can be found at and the code used to pre-process the data is available at

Status: Accepted to CVPRW 2023.

Paper Access: CVPRW Proceedings.