Our research relies on a wide variety of topics from different engineering disciplines. In addition to fundamentals taught in MEAM, ESE, and CIS, the following resources include background theory and databases that we use in our work.

  • LCS tutorial: This tutorial provides a good overview of Lagrangian Coherent Structures.
  • Current ocean data: This database provide hindcasts, nowcasts and forecasts for ocean currents, temperatures, salinity profiles, etc.
  • Distributed dynamical systems: This course provides tools, methods, and algorithms for analysis and design of distributed dynamical systems.
  • How Should Microrobots Swim?: This paper provides a nice overview to some of the fundamental methods by which we can actuate microrobots. Additionally, this tutorial provides a good introduction to the field.

Writing and Oral Presentations

Knowledge dissemination is an integral component of research. Effective oral and written communication enables us to share our ideas more broadly, facilitate collaboration, and motivate our work to the public.

  • Purdue OWL: The Purdue Online Writing Lab is a free resource that provides instructional material, advice, and guidance on a wide range of topics. Examples include technical and professional writing, job search writing, and more!
  • Grammar Girl: Podcast by former journalism professor and science writer Mignon Fogarty on all things related to English grammar.
  • Principles of STEM Communication: An interactive website that teaches you how to effectively communicate STEM concepts created by the Office of STEM Education Partnerships at Northwestern University.
  • How to Communicate Better Using the Rule of Three: The “Rule of Three” explained by Lisa B. Marshall and how to use it effectively to improve your writing and oral presentations.
  • Advice on Writing Good Robotics Papers: A nice step-by-step on crafting a better research paper by GRASP Alumni Prof. Pratap Tokekar.