ICRA 2019 Workshop Call

Human-Robot Teaming Beyond Human Operational Speeds

2nd Robot Teammates Operating in Dynamic, Unstructured Environments (RT-DUNE)

ICRA 2019 Workshop

23 May 2019 · Room 520b

Call for Contribution

We invite interested researchers to submit 1-2 pages extended abstract of work relevant to the topic of human-robot teaming at and beyond human operational speeds in dynamic, unstructured environments. The accepted abstracts will be posted on the workshop website and will not appear in the official IEEE proceedings. The reviewing is single blind and will be carried out by the workshop organizers. The accepted papers will have the opportunity to present their work/ideas in a poster session, selected papers will be invited to give a 15-minute oral presentation, and best poster award will be presented.

Please submit your abstract to the workshop official email address RT.DUNE@gmail.com by 15 29 March – deadline extended.

Outstanding Questions

Questions that are critical to this topic:

  • How to control robots from a supervisory standpoint at speed? (Human-on-the-loop)
  • How to control robots from a shared/partial autonomy or participatory standpoint (e.g., human as an information source like for classification) at speed? (Human-in-the-loop)
  • How to rapidly learn a task or skill from a human with small data/minimum examples?
  • How to rapidly model and capture shifting human preferences in task performance?
  • How to structure data and knowledge representation to facilitate the above to perform at and beyond human-operational speeds?

List of Topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Perception at rapid operational tempo
  • Inferring human intent
  • Human-agent teaming
  • Learning from demonstration
  • Cognitive architectures for control
  • Hybrid metric-symbolic planning
  • Natural language understanding
  • Common-sense reasoning
  • Activity and gesture recognition
  • Neuro-inspired architectures for control
  • Inverse reinforcement learning
  • Semantic perception
  • Robust field robotics
  • Online modeling for perception
  • Collaborative mobile manipulation
  • Resilient adaptation to change

Important Dates

  • Extended abstract submission deadline: 15 29 March (AoE) – deadline extended
  • Notification of acceptance: 5 April
  • Workshop day: 23 May 2019 · Room 520b
This workshop is supported by the RAS Technical Committees on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics and Mobile Manipulation.

*Ocean One photograph courtesy of Frederic Osada Teddy Seguin, DRASSM and Stanford University.