ICRA 2019 Workshop

Human-Robot Teaming Beyond Human Operational Speeds

2nd Robot Teammates Operating in Dynamic, Unstructured Environments (RT-DUNE)

ICRA 2019 Workshop

23 May 2019 · Room 520b

Robotic systems capable of conquering well and partially-structured environments are emerging. As we look to the future, robots capable of operating in genuinely unstructured and dynamic environments remain a significant challenge. This challenge is particularly apparent when robots are required to work alongside humans as teammates, and perform at – and beyond – human operational speeds.

Inspired by the consensus formed at the 1st RT-DUNE ICRA 2018 workshop over the importance of this challenge, this year’s RT-DUNE workshop will focus on the problem of human-robot teaming at and beyond human operational speeds in dynamic, unstructured environments. Fundamentally, this workshop will seek to:

  1. Understand what advances are required for robots to operate as teammates to humans and at and beyond human speeds in dynamic, unstructured environments, and
  2. Share and discuss novel research that will enable solutions to this problem.

This workshop will bring together researchers in areas of perception, cognition, planning, control, estimation, machine learning, multi-robot systems, and human-robot interaction. It will feature a combination of invited talks, oral and poster presentations, and panel discussions. The organizers expect increased industry and government research participation to help clarify the challenges, balance the various perspectives, and further the discussions.


Henrik Christensen, University of California, San Diego
Nicholas Roy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sonia Chernova, Georgia Institute of Technology
M. Ani Hsieh, University of Pennsylvania
Stuart Young, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
David Baran, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Ethan Stump, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Carlos Nieto-Granda, University of California, San Diego
Christopher Reardon, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Questions and correspondence should be directed to RT.DUNE@gmail.com.

This workshop is supported by the RAS Technical Committees on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics and Mobile Manipulation.

*Ocean One photograph courtesy of Frederic Osada Teddy Seguin, DRASSM and Stanford University.