Come see our work at ICRA 2022!

Come and see our presentations at ICRA 2022 next week (May 23-27)!

  • Tahiya Salam, Sandeep Manjanna, Ani Hsieh, and Gregory Dudek from McGill University will be hosting the Robotics for Climate Change Workshop on Monday in Room 108B. See here for more information!
  • Kong Yao Chee will be presenting our KNODE-MPC work in the Motion Control Session (TuA16) on Tuesday morning.  His talk is TuA16.07 and starts at 10:45 in Room 122B.
  • Gedaliah Knizhnik will be presenting his work with Mark Yim on control for docking Modboats in the Marine Robotics/Localization Session (TuB13) on Tuesday afternoon. His talk is TuB13.01 and starts at 15:30 in Room 116.
  • Peihan Li will be presenting our work on controlling Modboats in ocean-like environments in the Marine Robotics/Localization Session (TuB13) on Tuesday afternoon. His talk is TuB13.04 and starts at 15:45 in Room 116.
  • Tahiya Salam will be presenting our work on learning transfer operators using kernel methods in the Industrial and Environmental Robotics and Monitoring Session (WeA13) on Wednesday morning. Her talk is WeA13.01 and starts at 10:00 in Room 116.
  • Tom Zhang will be presenting our work with learning swarming controllers using KNODE in the Multi-Robot and Swarm Robotics II Session (WeB12) on Wednesday afternoon. His talk is WeB12.09 and starts at 16:20 in Room 118C.
  • Come see Jasleen Dhanoa and her MEAM 520 Fall 2022 cohorts demoing their MEAM 520 final project at the GRASP Exhibit Booth in the Exhibit Hall Tue-Thu!

Congratulations to ScaLAR member Ariella Mansfield and GRASPees Rebecca Li and Michael Sobrepera on winning Penn Health-Tech’s Rothberg Catalyzer

Ariella Mansfield, Rebecca Li, and Michael Soprepera won the Penn Health-Tech’s Rothberg Catalyzer, a two-day makerthon that challenges interdisciplinary student teams to prototype and pitch medical devices that aim to address an unmet clinical need.

The team took home the top prize of $10,000 for their project, an orthotic device that children with cerebral palsy can more comfortably wear as they sleep.

Read more about the project here.

Come see the ScalAR Lab ICRA 2019 Presentations!

Tahiya Salam will be presenting her RA-L paper entitled “Adaptive Sampling and Reduced Order Modeling of Dynamic Processes by Robot Teams” on Wednesday, May 22, from 11:30am-12:45pm in the WeBT1-03 Interactive Session in 220.

Daniel Mox will be presenting his ICRA 2019 paper entitled “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Perspective Aware Planning with Panoramas” on Tuesday, May 21, from 11:00am-12:15pm in the TuAT1-16 Interactive Session in 220.

ICRA 2019 will be held in Montreal, Canada from May 20-24, 2019. For more info go to